Have you ever felt different, like you weren’t a part of something?

Life keeps hitting you hard constantly like its ambushing.

You keep crying out, but nobody can hear your call,

nothing but depression that keeps knocking on your door.


Feeling numb, weak and a ghost of who you once were,

all the happy memories you shared begin to become a blur.

You are an outcast, why do you deserve to feel ordinary?

Although you don’t really feel anything at all, it really is that scary.


You keep being called nasty names and get bullied for being who you are,

I guess words can hurt too, they remain with you like an internal scar.

Despite not being clear to the human eye, those words still lie there,

the things you said to me breaks me in a way that I could not repair.


Although the abuse made me stronger, your words will not kill me,

they shaped me into who I am today, strong enough to talk about them freely.

I wear my scars like a badge of pride, they remind me of my past,

an indication of how far I have come and that the hurt will never last.


You may think the way you feel right now like nothing will ever change,

a constant state of depressed thoughts that you keep trying to rearrange.

Just please remember to put a happy memory or moment to the front of your brain,

a moment that makes you realise the way you feel right now will not always be the same.


There is a glimpse of hope, just remember never to give up the fight,

when times are tough just tell yourself, everything’s going to be alright.

There are better days ahead and this is just the beginning,

time to take back your life and show them who is winning.


I was once an outcast for choosing to love no matter the gender or race,

now I realise it feels good to be different and is something I should embrace.

as an LGBTQ+ member, I fly the colours of the rainbow close to my chest,

to any homophobes outraged reading this, well you’re a…. I’ll let you finish the rest.


Never be afraid to express yourself, you’re perfect just the way you are,

just don’t forget your past, and to remember to show off your scar.

You are an outcast for a reason, it’s what makes you stand out,

at first, I thought that was a bad thing until I realised what it’s all about.


Embracing who you are, please keep fighting, it will all be worth it in the end,

you are a shining light for those who you guide, either a follower or a friend.

Please remember that being an outcast will never be a bad thing, you were born this way,

always take pride in being an outcast and never forget to Shantay, you slay!