This blog will go in quite a different direction to my others. This instead will be a realistic reflection of the situation I am in right now. I have 31p in my bank as of this date (08/01/2020) because I am unemployed, having been since the first week of November. This was due to leaving my job due to bereavement reasons. After my best friend passed away from meningococcal meningitis and septiciemia suddenly in her sleep at age 21.

Never really accepting the loss, I had to take some time away from my job as a Teacher Assistant. Although I loved the job and the people working at the school, I couldn’t help other people when I couldn’t even help myself get out of bed in the morning. At that time I just thought, what’s the point? Eventually I decided to leave my job role and not until recently have I been ready to go back into employment.

Although one thing I can assure you is I am driven to succeed more than I have ever been before. I assure you the next job opportunity I will be offered will be the best fit for both parties. Their is a saying that once you get to rock bottom, the only way is up. Near the end of 2019 was truly rock bottom for me, losing my best friend, having no money and my mental health state was at an all time low. Having no idea of what is next and being pressured to pay bills, it got too much.

For that exact reason I decided the only way I’m going to be productive during my time off is to improve my portfolio. As a recent graduate of Journalism at the University of Derby, the only way to get a job in the media is to stand out. Being one of the toughest job markets in regards to competitive applicants, I massively struggled in every getting onto any interview stages. Therefore I took it upon myself to create my own content.

Less than a week into blogging I have received over 1,150 views on my content. Not a massive figure I know but for somebody with no blog writing experience and low amount of followers I am very proud of myself. Below is a stats insight from WordPress for my blog posts, showing my most recent story attracted the most views in less than 24 hours.


Thankfully thanks to my degree I am aware of key elements to succeeding in writing online content. Utilising SEO and social media for my posts, using multimedia content such as YouTube videos, embedding links alongside inputting galleries and infographics. This has helped my page grow from attracting views scraping onto 15 a week to over 1,150 views.

I wouldn’t of been strong enough to have done anything like this before, but I really have nothing to lose. Nothing can get any worse off for me right now, so the only way is up. Although I came up with my own saying last night and it is one that will help me moving forward past my previous problems in which i’m sure all readers know about now. Do not let your past define you, let the decisions you make going forward decide for you.

Hopefully this new year brings me a new job, new opportunities and a new persecutive on life, it is what you make of it after all. This is only the beginning and I’m going to work my butt off to make sure my hard work and dedication pays off.

So future employer, hopefully you enjoy reading my content and I seem like an ideal candidate for you job. Just rest assure, if you do appoint me you will be giving the chance to somebody like no other. Somebody who has overcome all his demons and obstacles that have faced him front on, not hiding away, not worrying about other people’s feelings but somebody who has nothing to lose and you will always have his word.

Everything I post, every word I write, I aim to express myself and be as honest as I can. If it wasn’t for the amazing friends and relationship I am in currently I wouldn’t be doing any of this. Each reply, all the feedback, I read and respond to them all. All the dm’s, all the mentions and all the comments on the blog itself I go through them all. Hearing your amazing responses makes it all worth it and hopefully my content carries on making an impact. Honestly I can’t tell you how much it means to me, it feels like I’m actually helping people and making a difference and that is all I could have ever wanted when creating this blog.

Each day brings a new obstacle for you to overcome, but take it as a step in the right direction to achieving your target. We all have our role in life that we aspire to achieve and become an expert in. You might have too idea what that role is yet, but please realise you are not the only one. On the 16th January I will be recording episode two of my ‘Unbottled’ podcast with my old University friends, which will be titled ‘So You Graduated University, What Now…’. This podcast. will hopefully give you insight to what life after University is like and how to best prepare for it.

Here is episode one of the ‘Unbottled’ podcast series if you wish to view it: Unbottled – Episode One With Leigh Timmis

As of this date I still do not know what job roles I want to pursue even 6 months after graduating. Knowing I have a passion for broadcasting, blogging, PR and marketing, these are the modules I excelled in. Now I hope my portfolio has been improved since writing this blog along with my online writing and marketing ability.

I will continue to post on this blog whenever I think of topics I want to address or speak about hopefully to educate and give help to people who need it most. If there is any specific areas you want me to address please feel free to contact me on any of my socials down below:

Instagram: @ajpublications

Twitter: @Aaronspencer98


LinkedIn: Aaron Spencer

This will be the end of this blog post, sorry if this was not as insightful or engaging, that is why I wrote such a personal long winded piece yesterday. As somebody who needs to start earning money and utilising these skills I have learned from writing this blog, this is my call to employers.

Dear future employer, I am more ready than I have ever been before. I am somebody who has the credentials you need, I have the traits and attributes you are searching for and driven more than ever before to show off my potential. Always being somebody who could ‘go far’, I just need an opportunity to show I can flourish. Hopefully future employer you read this and are made aware of my ability.

It’s worth trying isn’t it? You only create chances that you take, so here is my statement, I’m ready to finally prove to myself I can do it. So here’s to you future employer, I look forward to speaking to you soon.