With everything in life, you have to keep reminding yourself to never give up. To face all problems up front and never back down from a challenge. Dependant on the situation it is easier said than done. Not always can you just ‘get over something’ or ‘move on’.

There has been situations that i’m sure readers who have viewed my other blog posts are aware of. These situations really did test me and at one point I didn’t think it was possible to overcome. When you get told news that you just didn’t want to hear, it really becomes all you think about. The reason is because it is so fresh, your mind keeps pushing the same topic to the front of your brain taking priority over other thoughts.

A very recent example of this occured today. Following on from my blog post yesterday which you can view here titled Dear Future Employer. I received a call from a recruitment agency looking to interview me today after reviewing my cv. I have just returned from the interview and I passed all the stages until the final one to one sales role-play element. This was really a sink or swim situation in which I squandered. Noticing the techniques and elements that I messed up, this showed me some of the areas that I lack in and are in a vast need of improvement. Although it helped me reevaluate my own strengths and what areas I can excel in.

Despite the obvious thoughts of what could I have done differently? Why was I not good enough? Am I ready for a job? I prefer to focus on what I learnt and what I can take out of the experience. Most importantly I know now I do not want to pursue a career in sales for other companies or products. Personally for me I think trying to sell a product that I myself does not take much interest or pride in isn’t right. As an honest upfront person you can read through the b******t.

This is why this blog means so much to me, it gives me a chance to talk about topics that I am passionate about. Having a job where I can do whatever I want and express whatever I wanted to is perfect. I still have a long way to go before I start making any sort of money from my content, although I am very happy with the start I have made. Nearly hitting 1,500 views within the first week for an amateur blog writer with no clear direction is incredible.

Although I may not be in the best mental state right now currently jobless and have no clear future plan, hearing the amazing feedback from my blog posts onto my socials has been outstanding. It really makes all of this worth it. It is safe to say the end of 2019 was not easy to me, losing my grandad and my best friend. This is why with everything I write all I want to do is make them proud.

As tears fall down my face whilst typing this blog, hopefully a trend will start to appear in my writing in the future when hopefully it gets better, the content will become more uplifting. Linking back to one of my sayings, nothing in life is certain, who knows what tomorrow will bring. Just remember to not let your past define you, let the decisions you now make decide for you. I know the only way the future will be be better for me is if I keep pushing myself to do better.

This is only the beginning for me, 2020 will be my year, I have a new lease of life and a drive where i’m ready to smash every objective that I wish to achieve. I’m going to make sure every decision I make is on my terms and only choose the options that are right for me. Hopefully moving forward my intentions and my direction will become more clearer. I was luckily enough to have got in touch with one of my favourite YouTubers recently to talk about blog writing and my content through E-Mail. Hearing professional advice made me realise that it can really happen to anybody. You just need to put the hard work and effort into the content making sure it is to high quality consistently. From receiving this advice it inspires me to do better and carry on to believe that I can achieve my goal.

Aiming to improve my blog content to attract a wider audience I hope to bring more viewers to read my content. When I begin to generate a consistent amount of viewers each day I will then begin to start saving up. Aspiring to pursue a career in writing, this blog is an amazing way for me to express myself and a useful gateway to control my emotions positively. This is why a part time job will help me safe up enough money to pay for WordPress premium and then hopefully I can look at making money from creating content that I am passionate about.

Once I have an established following I will look into also joining Youtube for more visual content to accompany my blogs. In the future I hope to become a writer and a broadcast journalist, this is why I think joining my blog and YouTube channel together will help build up my portfolio.

My next Youtube video will be the next podcast that will be uploaded onto this blog. That podcast will be recorded on the 16/01/20 titled “So You Graduated From University, What Now”? This will have followed on from my previous ‘Unbottled’ a mental health awarness podcast, to form a series I wish to continue in the future.

In regards to my blog, the next post will be a weekly reflection of my content. As my first week of blogging draws to a close it will be nice to reflect and analyse the topics brought up and discuss how I will love forward.

Once again this blog post is a more personal one written about my situation and I will start uploading more mental health awareness content soon. Although I just want to be real and honest towards the readers that I am not somebody to look up to. I am like most people at this age, I have no idea what I want to do with my life and I feel like I have no purpose. My mental health and self esteem is at an all time low and everyday gets harder to encourage myself to even get out of bed and do something.

This is why this blog has helped me keep my mind active and stay productive when I need it most. Most importantly that is why resiliency is key, when you think of giving up just remember to keep going. We all serve a purpose and we all have a right to be here, it does not care about gender, race of background we all have an opportunity to achieve whatever we want. Some may have more open doors than others but if there is nobody opening any for you, then its your right to knock them down yourself.

I wanted to improve my writing and get my name out there and within a week my voice has been heard to over a thousand people. After my best friend passed away her story got published nationally and internationally from Newcastle to New York and Stoke to Sydney. There will always be an opportunity and a target to aim for, you just need to be resilient. Yes you will have rejections, yes there will be days you just can’t be bothered, somedays you might want to give up but once its over the chance is gone and all you will be left with is regret.

Speaking from experience, there is nothing worse than regret. I am a person who would rather say oh well rather than what if, a corny saying I know but something that will stick with you. Not everybody is destined to achieve their dreams, but everybody has the opportunity, just remember resilience is key.