As I’m writing this article it has officially been a week since I wrote my first blog post titled My 2019. Not only has this blog gave me a platform and a voice, it also has given me a new lease of life. Created at first as a coping mechanism to express my mental health struggles productively, I never knew what good it actually would have done for me.

I can’t begin to express how much it has rejuvenated me as not only a person but as a journalism graduate. This has brought back my love for writing and creating content. Hearing amazing feedback and support from friends and strangers who just enjoy reading my story means the world. To actually feel appreciated and that my life actually matters to somebody is a feeling like no other. Reality is that I keep going for you, for every like, for every share and every conversation I notice them all and I can’t thank you enough.

Within a week I have received over 1,500 views onto this blog. In regards to your ambition, that may be a low figure but for me I never expect anything which leaves me to be left with plenty of surprises. Seeing the stats makes me feel like 1,500 people take interest in reading my story and hopefully I continue to provide you with high quality content that you enjoy.

My blog stats from first blog post (3-10th January)

With my coming out story receiving majority of them views, it brought a lot of positive feedback. My aim for writing that blog post was to openly talk about my story, hiding nothing being as open and honest with viewers as I possibly could. I touched on areas I never thought I would discuss in public let alone on a public domain blog site. Although hearing the feedback from the articles I have posted in the past week really is incredible.

If I was receiving 150 views or 15,000 views within my first week I would be as thankful as I am right now. Not only has it inspired me to do the best of my ability with everything I create but to also believe in myself that I can do it. Whilst being realistic, I do need a part-time job to accompany my hobby to pay the bills and my overdraft, therefore I am still searching and eager to go back into employment. As stated in Wednesdays blog titled ‘Dear Future Employer‘, I am more driven than ever before to prove myself and do all I can to progress and improve. This is why the next full-time job I will begin will only be a right fit for myself and the employer in the long term as in a business term, it is called ‘ROI’ which stands for return of investment. This states that bosses will look to employ me in hope that their initial investment in paying my salary will return a higher return to the business.

Hopefully one day this becomes a reality, working on television

I am sadly in a standstill where I am under-qualified with experiences in journalism due to only recently graduating, which is why I need to improve my portfolio. So during my employment I have been applying for internships and programmes to help improve my writing alongside this blog. An example of a job rejecting me due to my experience was this rejection from ITV yesterday.

My rejection e-mail to my application for a job at ITV

This leads me onto my latest blog post which was titled ‘Resilience is Key‘, that despite every rejection and every business or person who does not give you a chance, never give up. The only way to go forward is to never hold back or restraint yourself, their is endless possibilities out there you just need to focus on what is right for you.

All I ask is that every decision you make going forward only do what is best for you. Only pursue avenues in which you are passionate about and mean something to you as a person. I now have a love for creating my own content and documenting life experiences, which is why I have invested heavily into my time to post these blogs.

Hopefully 2020 brings the best out of me and is only the start of something amazing. My ambitions may be high but it fuels the fire I need to do better each day. My targets of the year were addressed in another blog post titled ‘My News Years Resolution‘. This was another blog post that received an amazing amount of feedback which puts everything into perspective, I’m no longer doing blogs just for myself.

Since the beginning of the week I have as honest and upfront with readers as I possibly could and wish to continue this as my life progresses. Nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of, just brutal honesty to hopefully build a relationship between me and the readers. I am openly gay and a big supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and all the amazing strong individuals apart of it. Luckily I have met some inspirational people during my time studying at University through creating LGBTQ+ content in my degree. One of these stories I created was titled No Outsiders which I also recently uploaded a blog post for. I had the pleasure to meet Andrew Moffat MBE, the creator behind the ‘No Outsiders’ programme to discuss the impact, the influence it made and the backlash the programme faced.

I myself enjoy creating original content for the LGBTQ+ also, uploading an LGBTQ+ themed poem based on my own experiences growing up gay. This poem was titled The Outcast, this hopefully encouraged people that being different is okay, it makes you stand out in a crowd of similarities and deny the status quo. Become an innovator not a follower.

Readers of my blog have had an access all areas experience of what it is like living a week in my shoes. Writing everything that comes to my head, there is no thought process behinds my content it really is just raw and instinctive as you could imagine. Simply addressing the thoughts inside my head, my writing hopefully transpires onto each article I create.

The future is looking bright and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for me moving forward. All I can do is prepare, anticipate and be ready for everything that is thrown in front of me. Every target, objective or slip up I got to make sure I do all in my power to keep my ambitions alive.

This is a week in the blog life of Aaron and hopefully it is just the beginning.

To finish my week analysis I would just like to say thank you to everybody for your consistent show of incredible support. When I posted my first blog I thought it would just be a nice way for me to express myself. Although from hearing everybody’s feedback it made me realise it has impacted people in a way I could not of even imagined. Hopefully I keep proving you with content that warrants the amazing support and we go through this journey together.

Thank you x