Over the next five days, I will be publishing something slightly different so I hope you like it. Instead of constantly talking about myself and my own battle I will shed a light on others instead. I will be discussing artists who have wrote music based on their own mental health battles. Creating a make believe festival including each artist, everyday I will be discussing the impact each singer had on my own mental health battles.

My next five blog posts will be discussing 5 song from artists that have helped me deal with my mental health struggles in the past. Below is a poster that I have created to highlight the artists I will be mentioning in the upcoming articles. Designed to simulate what my mental health festival poster would look like it includes the following artists: Khalid, Jon Bellion, NF, Logic, Marshmello, Alessia Cara and special recognition for Tim Bergling aka Avicii.

Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 17.48.39
My Mental Health Festival Poster

So without further adoo I will bring on the first act of the night. NF will be the opener to the festival signing his biggest hit ‘Let You Down’ alongside songs from his number one album The Search.

1.) NF – Let You Down, Time, Leave Me Alone, Hate Myself, Like This 

With a range of top quality songs addressing NF’s life battle suffering with mental health struggles, there is nobody better to open this blog post. Inside NF’s new album the Michigan born rapper openly discusses his battle with depression, pain and anxiety since shooting to stardom. Following on from the success of the song Let You Down which has received over 109 million views NF (formally known as Nathan Feuerstein) from his third studio album titled Perception. This song addressed the broken down relationship between NF and his father and how it affected him mentally feeling like a disappointment.

Although on July 26th 2019, NF’s fourth studio album titled The Search was released which went to number one in the US Album Charts. This was intact one of the first albums I listened to in 2019 as I am not usually an avid full length album listener. Although if I was to recommend any album to listen to last year it would be this one. Songs such as Leave Me Alone address the rappers own battle suffering with OCD. This lyric in particular is worth noting “Yeah, yeah, mental health, where’s my mental health? Diagnosed with OCD, what does that mean? Well, gather ’round, That means I obsessively obsess on things I think about. That means I might take a normal thought and think it’s so profound (leave me alone)”.

Constantly relating to his own mental health struggles within his titles such as Hate Myself. Hard-hitting lyrics such as this “Can’t stand who I am, but it don’t matter, we scream to be free, but I stay captured, knee-deep in defeat of my own actions, feel weak, but the peace that I keep lackin’, keeps speakin’ to me, but I can’t have it”. Discussing how NF feels helpless when dealing with his own self-hatred stating that he pictures himself in hell, where he undermines his own corpse: “You ain’t nothin’ but poor and weak.” This shows how raw and personal his lyrics are expressing his emotions at this point. Documenting this song like a healing process hopefully reaching out to listeners suffering with similar battles in their own mind currently.

A song of his that helped me deal with the loss of a loved one recently was the song tiled Like This. Addressing raw feeling of being weak and powerless due to not being able to fix something that is uncontrollably out of your hands. With lyrics such as “I lie to myself and I, I can’t handle it, why do I waste so much time on things that I can’t fix? All these things I hold inside I just can’t forget, thought that I could let this go, but I ain’t know it would be like this (like this).”

Although the album does end on quite a hopeful note despite the emotional onslaught brought to the listener throughout. Finishing his festival opener set with Time, this song highlights NF informing his wife that he wishes to be a better man and how hard he tries. Discussing that he just needs time to figure himself out. It shows a man willing to change for the sake of a loved one.

Overall NF’s set is a brilliant opener to highlight the importance of speaking about your mental health, especially within men’s mental health who may decide to bottle up their emotions instead. As an incredible emotional storyteller NF primary muse is misery and feeling powerless in regards to his mental health struggles. Although the fast paced beat and distorted sense of volume, reminds listeners of Eminem’s shrillness as they both take inspiration in their rap from their troubled childhood background.

This past year I gotten into NF a lot and I highly recommend his music to anybody currently battling their own mental health demons. A lyrical genius, I guarantee at least one song from his album will relate to your own story or something that you may be going through right now. His versatility and range is like no other rapper I have came across before.

NF has a right to be regarded in his own level nowadays, since recieving two number one albums in the US and an upcoming sell-out world tour, I cannot wait to see him perform in March. This is why I couldn’t think of a better artist to begin my make believe mental health awareness festival.