Today brings day five and the final day of my make believe mental health festival. As the festival brings to a close, their is just one more artist left to reference and that is a true legend of the dance music genre, an icon of mine and so many others. Although Avicii passed away on April 28th 2018, at age 28, which is why I decided to change his headline slot to a special recognition one.

Just before we discuss the impact Avicii left on my mental health battles, I will write this blog discussing an honourable mention of an artist who have helped me. Keeping the festival spirit alive instead of saying an honourable mention, I will be instead referring to them as surprise appearances.

Special Guest Appearance – Hozier

I was lucky enough to have seen Hozier live at the O2 Academy Birmingham during his latest album world tour in December 2018. An overall phenomenal song-writer, guitarist, musician and recording artist Hozier is like no other artist.

These song recommendations have meaningful lyrical content or impactful visuals being them with an upbeat feeling too. I would definitely recommend checking these songs out if you are feeling in need of a feel good Thursday.

Hozier – Take Me To Church, Work Song, Someone New, From Eden and Almost (Sweet Music)

A mix of new and well known classics from the 29 year old Irish vocalists arsenal, there are toe tapping rhythmic anthems to slow themed lyrical genius. Fast paced upbeat songs such as Someone New and Almost (Sweet Music) will get you in a feel good mood. The music video for Someone New features Game Of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer. With the main concept of the song discussing how easily somebody can fall in love with somebody new everyday, not being able to settle down and the problems that come from it. I would definitely recommend checking this music video out. Almost (Sweet music) is my favourite song taken from Hozier’s latest album Wasteland, Baby! An upbeat song that will cure any down mood you are currently in, I highly recommend taking a listen.

Although there are three sentimental songs which still stick with me that are Take Me To Church, From Eden and Work Song. I will discuss ‘Take Me To Church’ first, arguably Hozier’s most well-known song. The song is based around a mix of blues and gospel themed melodies to create a church-fuelled shaming single. This theory is backed up with the accompanying music video which battles the theme of homophobia.

This is clearly shown in the music video due to the main protagonist confiding in another male and becoming intimate. Although their is backlash facing their decisions, this is because they become hunted and totted by mask wearing men who do not accept homosexuality. Not only from the lyrical genius, the video has made a big impact towards the lGBTQ+ community due to Hozier using his platform and status to spread a global message. Homophobia is still a big problem in a religious society, which is why the music video has over 417 million views on YouTube.

Work Song discusses a man who has done many wrongs in his life which has lead to feeling distraught, broken and is knocking on deaths door. Although just before it was completely over and he becomes ruined, a perception of an angel in the form of his lover. A spine-chilling song from start to finish, it shows that Hozier has accepted the fatality of death and now has nothing to lose or feel scared about as he now finds comfort in his lover. This is backed up within his chorus lyrics “No grave can ever hold my body down, I’ll crawl home to her.” Stating that life has no hold of him anymore when he has somebody by his side.

Lastly I will be discussing From Eden, a song that discusses his distorted sight of love which forms such a toxic relationship. Originally the concept sees the protagonist has fallen for a woman who constantly cheats on her loved one. This shows that this is a damaging relationship from the offset, but he just can’t help himself. Lyrics such as “Babe, there’s something broken about this / But I might be hoping about this / Oh, what a sin.” Showing the influence this relationship has brought to him although problematic he can not change the way he feels. An overall romantically devoted song despite not being the usual ideology of love, it creates a more deeper realistic vision of what romance is.

Overall I would definitely recommend these song suggestions if you haven’t already. Hozier is a gifted musician like I can not compare, his music makes you feel in deep thought as he does not stick to one genre. Feel good anthems to tearjerking melodies, Hozier can accompany you during any mood you are feeling. I hope this has encouraged you to listen to these songs that have helped me.