With the summer looming and the end of lockdown nearing closer the country will soon be rejoicing not only the hot weather but the long awaited return to normality. Or normality as we know it now where we can do our daily adventures but with restrictions and rules put in place to ensure our safety.

Although one thing will be missing this year, all nationwide pride festivals have been cancelled. Putting everybody safety first, all festivals this year have been cancelled due to the importance of social distancing rules to stop the spread of coronavirus and a second wave of illness. Even though there will be no official pride parades taking place, nothing is stopping you from having your own pride celebrations this summer.

So it’s time to add a bit of colour to my blog and discuss ways in which you can enjoy a colourful summer this year and show a little pride.

Digital Pride Festival

The first suggestion was inspired by Birmingham Pride’s ‘Digifest’ that took place on Sunday 24th May. Instead of the traditional pride celebrations this year, Birmingham still wanted to put on a show to pay homage for another incredible year for the LGBTQ+ community. This is why a special multimedia event was put on with a range of iconic guests including a special message from the festival headliner Kelly Rowland.

Even though we couldn’t be there in person, 130,000 people watched the live stream across all the different social medias. You can watch the digital pride ceremony here.

If that isn’t enough, you can host your own digital pride festival. All you have to do is get in touch with a few of your friends and host a video chat. If you choose the popular video shat software Zoom you can even add an iconic pride background to set the theme and the best background can win.

A popular video chat game people are playing during lockdown is a pub quiz. I myself have hosted daily quizzes for my friends one of them being an LGBTQ+ theme. Lockdown can be very difficult for your mental health and make you feel alone so being reunited with friends can be very useful.Even if you are there to play a game or just having a good catch up,I would highly suggest getting together with your friends online. Here are some iconic moments from my weekly video quizzes with my friends.

Another video chat game idea is inspired from the wonderful world of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s the snatch game! All you have to do is choose any famous celebrity or character and embody them. Talk like that person, act like that person, be that person. This will give you the chance to see your friends fierce acting skills and impressions. On the other side you will see the worst of your friends improvisation ability.

This could be a really fun idea if executed correctly. I feel a minimum of four participants is needed to have the maximum experience. Here is a few suggestions of what you can do to make your digital snatch game iconic! Why. do. you need instructions do you ask? Because reading is FUNDAMENTAL! So here we go, the rules of beginning a great snatch game:

Here are my FUNdamental rules to an iconic snatch game

Household Pride 2020

Do not worry if digital pride is not your thing, you can host pride right inside your home! So get your best pride outfits out the cupboards and put your rainbow glitter on because miss rona will not stop you from hosting the hottest household pride of the year (with your housemates or garden party for six with a 2m distance at all times of course).

Now you look the part, your house needs to follow suit, you can’t host a pride party with no theme. Banish all the bland colours, take out the drab, add some more colour, decorate your house to make It fab. Take out the flags, banners and posters of Phil Schofield (oh just me…nevermind) then put them all over the house. This will help turn your house into a wonderland of LGBTQ+ culture.

Although there is one thing missing, the iconic performances! The pride festival part of the weekend has becoming a bigger attraction each year with major names in the music industry performing last year. Names such as Ariana Grande and Kylie Minogue performed at UK pride festivals last year and this year announced more major names such as Mariah Carey, Kelly Rowland and Lady Gaga was heavily rumoured.

Speaking of Lady Gaga today she released an album of the year contender with Chromatica and I’m sure it will be the first suggestion on the pride playlist for anybody this summer. With a non-stop dance bop overload with a deep meaning, I feel this album is Lady Gaga’s best album to date. Off topic but Replay is my favourite song from the album but it really has it all, total masterclass.

So you just need to create a pride playlist full of iconic LGBTQ+ songs through the years to kickstart the party. Once arranged you can even nominate a headliner to finish the night in a powerful way. You can choose somebody you remember from a pride festival you attended who was iconic or somebody you wish you could have saw and never got the chance.

Or you may want to reminisce with your friends about what your favourite pride festival performance you saw live. You can rewatch your top 10 performances and then you and your housemates can decide what they would rate it. Get the scoreboards out because we all missed doing this during Eurovision this year. Hopefully after watching all performances you will have a winner and you can share your all-time favourite pride performance. My personal favourite from last year was Cheryl, as a big fan of her my whole life to see her perform live and exceed all expectations of her and more it was truly iconic. I was really looking forward to seeing her at Birmingham Pride this year so hopefully she will perform next year for the postponed date.

Lastly to end the night, no pride party can miss out on a bit of karaoke. Pick a song from your pride playlist and start performing. You could belt out a Mariah classic, bust out some moves to Lady Gaga or you can rap the 212 like Azealia Banks, the stage is yours. Or if singing isn’t your thing you are in luck, because you can lip sync for your life. Inspired from Ru Paul’s Drag Race you can nominate two people to perform a classic pride anthem and then give it all you got like your life depends on it. The winner then can be chosen by the other party members who can think of an appropriate forfeit for the loser.

How you wish to create your lockdown household pride is by preference of person and these are just suggestions. Besides that I hope you liked some of these ideas and I would love to see anybody who does this, feel free to send any to my social media accounts!


So there are my suggestions on how you can have a prideful summer this year. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I would love to see some of the ways you spent your summer. But for now we can only sit and wait for miss rona to disappear and bring on pride season 2021, I hope you are as excited as I am (Cheryl I’m coming don’t worry)!

Please everybody stay safe, stay happy and keep representing this summer. We may not be together right now but we will come together stronger, I will see you next year x