Introduction to this page

These are very unprecedented times worldwide currently where lockdown still exists, no leisure or travel is taking place, life as we know it is no more. People are becoming terrified at the risk of losing their lives but sadly it is not all to do with viruses. Following on from the tragic murder of George Floyd this is just another death in a long line of injustices that need answers. The government may remain quiet and yet to show any urgency to change, but that does not mean change isn’t happening. It’s happening in your town centres, in your neighbourhoods and hopefully inside your household too by sharing the message to your family and everybody on your social media accounts.

Black Lives Matter has been the breaking news story across all our news programmes, has been flooding our social media timelines and been the biggest talking point in recent history (as it rightfully should). Nobody can turn a blind eye anymore and pretend it isn’t happening because it is happening everyday. Police brutality, government corruption, racial discrimination and all-round naivety to the bigger issue are a few of the reasons movements like Black Lives Matter needs to happen. Not just for today, tomorrow or next week, this isn’t a trend you can just share because it’s what people are talking about today, we need to continue the conversation. Educate further generations about how they can not make the same mistakes we have and let this go on for way too long. Share ways in which people can contribute to change so that our future generations won’t have to experience the things people of colour have endured everyday for their whole lives.

There are so many ways you can help out and make a difference. You can donate to worthy causes, sign important petitions, join in meaningful protests and share the message of #BlackLivesMatter. Using this hashtag you can educate yourself about how important this message is and the history behind it. With an array of other resources available such as reading educational books, watching real life stories and documentaries and by Googling any questions or queries you may have about Black Lives Matter.

No matter how you decide to make a difference I want to make sure you have all the resources available. This is why I will include links to websites where you can donate and sign petitions to amazing causes set up by Black Lives Matter. Suggest Netflix documentaries where you can watch inspiring stories of historic black people who fought for equality. Similarly I will suggest books from black authors and books about black people to help educate people further on the issues. I hope I can encourage people to make a difference and contribute in anyway they can. We can make a difference, only if we keep fighting for change and doing all we can.

I will title each blog post with a different method of how you can help make the difference. I encourage you to do as many as you possibly can and I hope we can be stronger together.

Thank you for reading and lets make a difference.