This page will attach all the links to pages where you can donate to impactful Black Lives Matters causes. Over the past few days I have seen range of different relevant pages set up to direct you towards where you can donate. There are so many worthy causes getting a lot of recognition but I just wanted to shine a light on some that may not be receiving as much attention.

I will now attach links to causes where you can donate and make a difference. Firstly I will attach a link I saw on Twitter where you have a range of options to help out.

Here is two links you can click to see websites with ways you can donate: Website link 1. Website link 2

Here are more links directed towards useful causes that I have sourced from a Google document posted by The 1975’s lead singer Matt Healy’s on his Instagram page.

Below is all the useful links and ideas on how you can donate to relevant causes for Black Lives Matters.

*Do not donate to any fundraisers hosted by Shaun King – he has an extensive history of collecting funds for pro-Black movements which have disappeared – deleted all petitions by The Action Pac because he is affiliated with them

*Need a Venmo to donate to Minneapolis activists? Donate via Venmo to the Femme Empowerment Project. Be sure to set your donation to “private.” You can even specify how you want your donation to be used– medic training, medic gear, or jail support.

GoFundMe Pages to donate to

Donate to help organisations within Black Lives Matter

  • Donate to the following groups

LGBTQ+ Organisations

With a range of incredible ways to help out, I hope these suggestions will increase donations to these worthy causes. and make a difference. Thank you 🙂