We are currently living inside a new era labelled ‘the new normal’ where civilisation has paused and our freedom is limited. Sitting around each day we await the new government guidelines that tell us what is now considered acceptable and what isn’t. Slowly but steadily we are seeing improvements made everyday but until that death tolls reaches zero and the rate of infection sees a consistent decrease there is no rush. The 40,000+ UK death toll is not just a figure or a statistic on a slideshow they are victims, fatalities and people who have lost their lives because of this relentless virus.

Families have lost loved ones all across the country and they weren’t even given the chance to say their final goodbyes. Having to see their loved ones burials on live streams I haven’t experienced anything quite like this in my lifetime and hopefully never will again. One fatality during this pandemic was my nan who sadly passed away when I was in lockdown with my boyfriend. Sadly because of this I didn’t get the chance to be apart of her final ceremony. This sad fate was similar for others who my heart goes out to and I want to say you can do this, we just need to keep going. There will come a day when this is all over and we will be stronger after all this.

This is why I wanted to create a series dedicated to talking about what life has been like during lockdown and shining a light on the amazing key workers. Without the continued work of the carers, NHS workers, travel industry, emergency services and shop workers this crisis could have been even more unbearable. The key workers have saved our lives and I can’t express how thankful I am for their work. This is why I had to express that and shine a light on you incredible people.

Key Workers

Which leads me onto the heroes of this pandemic, the key workers. The world hasn’t paused for everybody, if anything it has made their lives more hectic and risky. Remaining front and centre of all essential businesses, without these workers we wouldn’t have access to our basic essentials and this crisis would have been evermore critical. The amazing work of the NHS workers putting their lives at risk everyday by treating patients suffering with Covid-19 and experiencing some horrible scenes of overcrowded hospitals and losses of life at a horrifying rate.

Without the incredible people putting our lives first we have managed to finally see a decrease in the amount of deaths countrywide. Although with over 40,000 casualties on this date is a horrendous figure that could have been avoided if this situation was handled quicker and more effectively. We have not only put our lives in jeopardy prolonging the continued spread of this virus but we have for the nurses, doctors, shop workers, transport sector and so much more.

I want to reiterate this is not about the current Black Lives Matter protests happening all around the country right now. This NEEDED to be addressed, these protests NEEDED to happen and change NEEDS to occur. Without our voices and our freedom we are nothing.This is why all my support goes out to everybody attending protests, signing petitions and donating to all the important causes. You are the heroes too, just like this virus there will come a day when we will have freedom but until then we will keep fighting.

If you wish to read more about my thoughts regarding the phenomenal work of Black Lives Matter and the campaign as a whole I have dedicated a section of my blog on ways you can make a difference and help out.

A link to my Black Lives Matter blog section here:

My message stating everybody needs to play their part in fighting this disease goes out to the selfish people attending house parties, meeting up in LARGE groups in parks and the people leaving litter all over the floor. Even from the people in charge ordering us to follow the guidelines that they are breaking themselves, Dominic Cummings who is the advisor to the prime Minister even went against his lockdown rules when he drove to Durham from London when it was illegal to travel and even worse he had Covid-19 symptoms that would most likely spread because of his selfish actions.

If you have broke lockdown rules you are not only putting yourself and your family at risk but you are also increasing the risk of spreading and increasing the pressure of all of our key workers. Please be considerate and think of how far we have come and that we wouldn’t ever want to experience something like this again. Being in isolation is very bad for your mental health and especially happening during mental health awareness week and pride month. This month was the most important for me to celebrate how far I have come on my journey and enjoy the amazing weather we have been treated with. Although sadly that was not meant to be and I myself should stop being selfish. We need to decrease the rate of death tolls, thankfully Scotland and Northern Ireland recorded zero deaths during this weekend and we recorded our lowest total too. Please keep following the guidelines and doing all you can to avoid the spread and reduce the risk.

I want to once again thank all the key workers who have helped us when we needed it most. You are not only lives savers but heroes for so many more reasons too. You are not afraid of the risk and do not shy away from the problem, I can’t imagine what strengths you must have to endure the sights you must have witnessed. We as a country need to keep doing our bit and help make the difference.


This series will hopefully shine a light on the incredible work of all the key workers and discover some inspirational stories from incredible people who have made an impact during lockdown. I want to share some light relief amongst all the tragedy. If you want to be apart of this series and share your life through lockdown story please contact me it could be really helpful.

Here’s to the start of something hopefully special.

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