Hello everybody,

As lockdown comes to an end we shall say goodbye to the virtual pub Zoom video chats, Netflix watch parties and online exercise videos.

Although if you were like me and was the designated quiz master for the weekly video quiz nights, you should know how daunting finding the ideal questions are.

I conduct a weekly quiz every Saturday and it takes around 3-4 hours to write up an appropriate quiz suitable enough for players of all ages.

This is why I thought of posting the quiz questions I have wrote up (answers included) with all my themed rounds to see if I can help any other aspiring quiz hosts.

The level of questions are fun and easier than the usual pub quiz questions you get asked so no need to worry. There also are rules clearly at the top of each quiz to make sure there is no confusion.

You will no longer need to research, worry or rush to write a quiz anymore, here at Proudly.blog, we have you covered.

With Love,

Proudly.blog x