Some people think trans people coming out hurts us. Transphobia does indeed hurt us, but it’s not coming out that hurts us, it’s the bigotry we face. Coming out is a liberating experience here is how coming out has helped me.


I may not be where I want to be, but my confidence has gone through the roof. When I take photos, I smile more. I love showing the world who I am. I walk with my head raised instead of trying to hide. I was scared to go out and meet people before I came out. Now, I can’t wait to go out and show everyone who I am. It helps when you can look in the mirror and love who you see.

Learn to self-love

I used to avoid mirrors like a politician would avoid a lie detector. Now, I love going to the mirror and striking a sassy pose. Deep down, I knew this is who I always was. I never felt right before I came out now I want to show the world who I am. It is more than that. What it is really about is loving the real person we are. No one likes living a lie. I always wanted to wear dresses and make up, but I was scared of being judged. When I came out, I was so relieved. I knew I would face opposition from people who didn’t understand me, but it doesn’t matter what they think. What matters is I love who I am.

Value Yourself 

I hate people telling me that I didn’t value who I was, so I wanted to escape and be trans. That is the opposite of reality. Nothing shows that you value yourself like being your real authentic self. Trans people put up with so much, that shows how much we value ourselves. We know being trans can be a hard life, but it’s worth it. We value who we are, so we want to get rid of the facade and burst to life with colors.

Finding happiness 

Trans people want to be happy. That means more to us than anything. My thoughts of suicide went down after I came out. It is awful staying in the closet to appease a society that failed to educate people on trans people. Coming out is our way of ending the constant sadness we feel. How many people love going out and having fun? Most of us do. That is what trans people want. We want to live a fulfilling life as you do.

Final Thoughts 

Coming out has helped a lot of trans people find happiness. It isn’t coming out that causes us sadness. It is bigotry, hatred, and ignorance that causes trans people harm. Maybe society can learn to let other people be who they are. Trans people don’t owe you an explanation for our existence. We are here, and more people are coming out as trans. To all the cis bigots who want to bring trans people down, get over us and let us live our lives in peace.


MichelleLynn Tackett

Michelle is a blogger who has a love of fashion, books, arts, sports, entertainment, God and family. Her blogs are about lifting yourself up, but also about politics and how we can do something to help acceptance for trans people.