TransLivesMatter – How our readers can make the difference.

Todays article is all about an incredible partnership that came together because of their shared passion and determination to fight against prejudice and hatred toward the transgender community. Proudly wanted to help share their incredible campaign and encourage all readers to help out if possible in anyway they can.


Who we Are

Ada & Charles came together as a team to form this movement. A grassroot organising collective for the Trans/LGBTQ for liberation using direct action. Young people, particularly Black trans/queer have been some of the world’s most valuable contributors to movements for racial and gender justice across human history.

Unfortunately, for far too long our work has gone under-resourced and overlooked. 
We, furthermore, avow to stand with Black Trans Lives, LGTBQ, disabled lives, undocumented immigrant lives, women, and men along the scope of gender. We seek to unite everyone, because we are stronger in numbers.

Together we can help solve our major issues. Our organizational movement centers around those who have been forgotten within Black liberation movements.” Let us all come together to help fight for Equality.


What we Do

We are asking for your help to make a major investment, the work that is vital to the health and well-being of our communities.

Our aim is to raise as much as we can, so that we can stand up and fight back! We aim to expand our mutual aid work by giving, coordinate direct actions that center and uplift “All trans lives”, to provide grants to trans and/LGBTQ Communities.

We will provide grants towards basic essentials, such as rental assistance, counseling services, educational scholarships, and help toward gender transitioning. Most importantly we look to increase our educational capacity to train the next generation of youth activists and increase our support.


The funds will be used as follows:

 *Emergency Grants program to Trans/Queers LGBTQ impacted by COVID-19 nationally Rental assistance 
 *College Grants for  Trans/Queers LGBTQ 
 *Grant to go towards Counseling of choice Trans/Queers LGBTQ
 *Grants to help with Gender Transition
 *Grants to support the change of policies (Trans Gender Law) 
 *Gift cards to support our low-income  Trans/Queers LGBTQ (meal gift cards)
 * Cash App Gifts to Help pay utility bills Trans/Queers LGBTQ
 *Grants to help All trans in need of Clothing/Furniture Trans/Queers LGBTQ
 *Grants to help All Trans obtain/establish health care Trans/Queers LGBTQ
 *Grants to help provide vehicles to low-income (must meet financial              qualifications) Trans/Queers LGBTQ
 *First time home buyer grants (gifted) Trans/Queers LGBTQ

To create a world where #AllTransLivesMatter we need to organize around the issues that impact our communities while we are still here! We need to create the conditions for our communities to THRIVE, not just survive. 

We need your help to HELP Our Trans/LGBTQ+ community make it through these testing times!

We humbly ask you to donate to and share our campaign widely! Now is our moment to change the world!


Please help by donating and make a difference!

Press this link to go directly to the TransLivesMatters GoFundMe page.

For more updates on the #TransLivesMatter campain you can follow AllTransLivesM1 on Twitter.


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