Introducing the QReview LGBTQ+ Music Project

Todays Proudly’s feature article will be all about the QReview LGBTQ+ Music Project (the QReview) who are an organisation working towards growing and fostering awareness for the 2SLGBTQIA+ (two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual) music community. Similiar to Proudly QReview are not a news outlet.

Historically, 2SLGBTQIA+  artists frequently hid their sexuality from fans and record labels for fear of sabotaging their careers or being rejected because of it. While more and more artists are coming onto the scene as their true, authentic selves, “out” artists can still face outward hostility, ignorance and career stagnation.

This is why QReview’s mission is to support queer artists by advocating for stronger, more accurate representation within the music industry as well as on music channels and other media outlets.

Founder of QReview LGBTQ Music Project and Host of the OUT LOUD! Queer Music Podcast, Kenney Fitzpatrick discussed with Proudly about the importance of this organisation for the LGBTQ+ music community:

“When I founded the QReview LGBTQ Music Project, my goal was simply to celebrate the LGBTQ+ music community and connect music lovers — like me — with amazing, authentic LGBTQ voices.”

– Kenney Fitzpatrick fonder of QReview LGBTQ Music Project
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Changing the narrative 

In order to grow and foster awareness of the talent and depth of 2SLGBTQIA+ music community in Canada and around the world, Fitzpatrick says that even he had some learning to do: 

“I wish I’d grown up with music heroes I could identify with, but being an alternative rock fan, it was a tall task. I really wanted to discover just how rich the LGBTQ music scene really was.”

He adds, “Pop and dance music have always been a bit of a safety zone for queer artists, but I couldn’t allow myself to believe that rap or country didn’t have their LGBTQ side. Regardless of sexuality or gender expression, we’re all different. We all like different things. But I wasn’t readily seeing the visibility of diversity in LGBTQ music artistry.”

– Kenney Fitzpatrick fonder of QReview LGBTQ Music Project

Going Global

After nearly three years in operation, the Q Review LGBTQ Music Project is enthusiastically championing independent 2SLGBTQIA+ music artists from all musical genres to its fans, followers, supporters and subscribers from Canada, the United States, the UK and beyond.

“We’re not a media outlet. We’re a platform for artists to be heard, seen, enjoyed; where they can share their stories and reach larger audiences,” says Fitzpatrick. “The goal is to build a community of music artists inclusive of all of the queer community representing all styles, genres and areas of music where they can learn, share and grow from dedicated support, services and resources”.

– Kenney Fitzpatrick fonder of QReview LGBTQ Music Project

Through their website, social media pages, podcast, web interviews and feature articles with artists, QTube (on YouTube) conversations, weekly music chart, music festivals and rotating Spotify playlists, the QReview Music Project is supporting queer artists by advocating for stronger, more accurate representation on music channels and other media outlets.

“It’s not an easy task; there’s no guidebook for this,” says Fitzpatrick. “But, understanding that no artist wants to be known more for their sexuality than their music, is essential.”

Kenney Fitzpatrick fonder of QReview LGBTQ Music Project

Stronger together

Kenny went on to discuss how incredibe the LGBTQ+ community have been since he began QReview:

“The artists and fan supporters I work with are incredible. They get what I’m trying to do and they want to help. Yes, they want wider audiences to enjoy their music, but they also recognize that they’re part of something much bigger. It’s time to change the narrative.”

– Kenney Fitzpatrick fonder of QReview LGBTQ Music Project

Artists, music fans and anyone interested in learning more about the Q Review Music Project can learn more at

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