18 LGBTQ+ songs across genres to add to your playlist


To say you’re a music fan almost sounds a ridiculous statement, after all music is probably the one thing, or ‘hobby’ that almost every one of us enjoys. However, there is a clear shift between merely enjoying music, and being moved by music.

There’s using a song to vocalise your emotions, however seemingly intangible or complex. There’s storming down the street in a bad mood with electric guitars blaring through headphones, and there’s lying on your bed, deep in love, hearing a gentle saxophone drip into your room. There are genres of music that divide us and bring us together. There are opinions on everything, from the feeling of classical music boring some into a sleep to the lightest of heavy metal giving others a headache. A key part of music that makes it feel ours, is when lyrics are relatable, including the pronouns of the significant other in a love song.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of soul music, most of which was made at a time where queerness wasn’t exactly played through the radio or in dance halls, so most of my favourite love songs are about Him and Her. If you’re anything like me and you’re itching to hear a love song that you can truly relate to, here’s some songs from various genres to get you started. A few aren’t specific with pronouns, or aren’t strictly about love, but all of them are by fantastic LGBTQ+ artists. I would also like to add like lockdown life has gotten to everybody, so please don’t judge my terrible music puns.


Pop to make you feel fizzy with feelings

Bloom // Troye Sivan

A deliciously perfect pop song about being intimitate with another boy.

Lyrics’ pronouns: He/Him

Girls // Girl in Red

Many call this the modern lesbian anthem, with its catchy chorus, “They’re so pretty it hurts, I’m not talking about boys, I’m talking about girls.”

Lyrics’ pronouns: She/Her

Stay With Me // Sam Smith

A classic, but for a reason. A beautiful ballad from the non-binary multi-award winner.

Lyrics’ pronouns: non-specific


Something funky for the soul

I Only Want To be with You // Dusty Springfield

Many see Springfield as an icon for the queer community, but few know that she herself dated women.

Lyrics’ pronouns: non-specific

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) // Sylvester

The disco icon who challenged gender binaries in the 70s and knew how to dance.

Lyrics’ pronouns: non-specific

Headaches // Raveena

Up and coming musician from New York with dreamy cinematic vocals and an equally dreamy music video.

Lyrics’ pronouns: She/Her

Forrest Gump // Frank Ocean

A sweet and groovy song from one of the most successful queer musicians today.

Lyrics’ pronouns: He/Him


Guitar-fuelled love songs to rock your socks off

I Wanna be Your Girlfriend // Ezra Furman

This song expresses trans and gender-nonconforming love in a pared-back but tender way.

Lyrics’ pronouns: non-specific

Capers // Kele Okereke

A fun and sweet song about unrequited love from the Bloc Party frontman. 

*He has also done a beautiful cover of The Temptations’ My Girl, changing to lyric to My Guy

Lyrics’ pronouns: He/Him

Play The Field // Partner

An underground queercore-influenced duo sing about lesbian attraction with sport puns galore.

Lyrics’ pronouns: She/Her

Grilled Cheese // Martha Hill

Only released in June, this song packs the punch with its angsty focus on a struggling relationship.

Lyrics’ pronouns: She/Her


Hip songs for every sexuality to hop to

C7osure (You Like) // Lil Nas X

The song that the Lil Nas X famously came out as gay to, with that country rap twist that he does so well.

Lyrics’ pronouns: non-specific

IGOR // Tyler, The Creator

IGOR is an album which combines R&B, funk and rap into an opera, telling the story of a gay love affair.

Lyrics’ pronouns: He/Him

Honey // Kehlani

With a voice as sweet as honey, Kehlani sings about her love for another woman (props to the gorgeous video too!)

Lyrics’ pronouns: She/Her 

Where My Girls // Dai Burger

A love song to every type of woman from this rapper and dancer.

Lyrics’ pronouns: She/Her


Techno-influenced music to dance AND protest to

Fight for a Fight // Catnapp

A powerful hybrid of rave and punk about LGTBQ+ struggles.

Lyrics’ pronouns: non-specific

Discipline issues // Juana

A smooth funk-inspired track from this Washington-based DJ.

Lyrics’ pronouns: n/a

Tender is the Touch of White Liberal Complicity // DeForrest Brown Jr. ft. Kelpa

This experimental track highlights the effects of white supremacy on black struggles.

Pronouns: non-specific

An article by Kate McCaughey

Kate is an English Literature and Theatre Studies graduate from the University of Leeds. Now living and working in the North East of England as a writer, Kate is Passionate about current socials inequalities and focus much of her work on LGBTQ+ issues, class and women’s rights. These range of skills in copy editing, zine editing, spoken word and theatre makes Kate an incredible addition for Proudly.Blog.

Header image by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

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