Welcome to a series on Proudly dedicated to sharing the stories from a variety of influential LGBTQ+ content creators who come from all different backgrounds within the media. This series will enable us to showcase their achievements and experiences within the industry and give the advice to inspire future content creators from the LGBTQ+ community. 

Proudly wants to shine a light on the people who have made strides in a very competitive industry. Hopefully, this series is the start of something special for Proudly where we have been lucky enough to interview inspiring people such as Dan MorrisseyA Gay and A NonGay podcast hosts James Barr and Dan Hudson Jon Holmes, Amazin LêThi, Jamie Wareham  and Benjamin Cohen who have shared their incredible stories with us already. 

Today’s article is dedicated to our latest LGBTQ+ influencer. Kaylee Golding is a dynamic and passionate multi-genre radio presenter who DJ’s a variety of events around the UK. Alongside her radio career that began when she was only 14, Kaylee is also a plus-size model and influencer with a big social media following.


Introducing Kaylee

Kaylee began her career when she presented the Punch Records festival station Bass.FM at the age of 14. Since then Kaylee’s career has snowballed as she has been involved in a variety of radio shows including BBC Radio 1, becoming Magic Fm’s Assistant Producer, BBC Radio WM, Smoke Radio, The Beat London 103.6 FM and running a podcast called ‘On You Gaydar‘.

On You Gaydar is a bi-weekly podcast that discusses LGBTQ+ topics within the black community. This is what Kaylee had to say about her podcast platform.

‘I started the podcast because I feel like sometimes the black community and LGBTQ+ community can feel separated, which leaves black gay people left with no representation. Yes there is a black pride once a year, but we need more, we need more representation, we need conversations. And thats what On Your Gaydar is there for.’

– Kaylee on the importance of beginning On You Gaydar.
On You Gaydar logo

Kaylee has become a renowned person within the media world who continues to make huge strides despite still only being the age of 22. Kaylee presented a specialist urban show on student station for the University of Westminster named Smoke Radio for 3 years and won a number of awards during her time that included: Best Specialist gold 2018 & 2019 and Best Interview gold and silver 2019. Alongside her radio work, Kaylee also has her own YouTube channel.

Since returning to Birmingham, Proudly are expecting Kaylee to soon become the voice of our city and we are so proud of how well she represents the LGBTQ+ community. With Kaylee’s renowned slogan being ‘Your favourite Gyal From Brum’ it is clear to see she takes pride in her upbringing.

Kaylee has already DJ’d at Birmingham’s biggest LGBTQ+ events and venues including Birmingham Pride and Birmingham’s biggest LGBTQ+ nightclub The Nightingale Club. Other venues Kaylee has DJ’d are The Village Underground, O2 Institute Birmingham and Notting Hill Carnival.

Kaylee is set to perform on the Future Stage at Birmingham Pride 2021 after it was postponed this year due to Coronavirus

Our readers can view Kaylee’s showreel of 2020 right here.

LGBTQ+ representation in the media

A topic Proudly always discusses with our LGBTQ+ influencers is to explore their view on LGBTQ+ representation within the media to see if there has been an evolution since when they began their career to what it is like now and their overall perception on what representation is.

‘I think sometimes there can be a lot of recognition from LGBTQ+ content creators, but mainly in pride months. But what about the rest of the months? We need recognition 12 months a year.’

‘But with that said there has been a lot more representation within the media. For example A Dot, previously presenting the breakfast show on BBC 1XTRA and Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1. And then even Nicola Adams having the same sex dancing partner on Strictly. They are little wins for the whole community.’

– Kaylee’s view on. the current representation of LGBTQ+ people in the media.

Entering the wild world of radio

Over the last 8 years Kaylee has pursued her passion for presenting and hosting a variety of radio shows all across the country. Proudly asked Kaylee about her love for radio and why this career is so important.

‘I have always really loved music but I couldn’t sing at all, so I started to listen to a lot of radio.’ Kaylee confessed her admiration for Trevor Nelson on 1XTRA in particular.

For Kaylee, her love for radio comes from the power it has to connect with real people.

‘My main aim is to present full time on a national radio station. I think representation is so important, and there is too many communities I represent. The black community, the LGBTQ+ community, the Birmingham community and even the body positivity community. I want to be able to contact with these communities on a national scale.’

– Kaylee on her aspirations for her radio career
Kaylee with her DJ set.

Kaylee’s biggest highlight

Throughout Kaylee’s career in radio, she has had a lot of monumental moments that stand out. Most recently Kaylee made it onto 2020 Reelworld Radio Academy’s 30 under 30 list which is a shortlist dedicated to the best radio presenters under the age of 30 in the UK. Another opportunity radio has given Kaylee is the chance to interview some big artists in the music industry such as Krept & Konan, Lady Ice Swarmz, Rotimi, Kevin Lyttle, Young T and Bugsey and the late Cadet.

Although their is one very special opportunity that Kaylee looks back fondly of the most.

‘My best moment ever was when I covered the Radio 1 Early Breakfast show as part of their Christmas programming. It was such a great experience! The best thing is I got to create new fresh content that was broadcasted to the nation. I was able to be unapologetically me and just able to spread love and positivity!’ 

– Kaylee on her biggest moment in her radio career.
Kaylee’s promo picture from her Early Breakfast Show on Radio 1. Source.

Fear of being different

Another question we ask all our LGBTQ+ influencers is if they ever feared of being discriminated against because of who they are. We at Proudly like to believe everybody is given an equal opportunity but sadly that is not always the case. This is what Kaylee had to say about her own experience and original fears before breaking into the industry.

‘My biggest fear was my accent and my lisp and my look. Because I didn’t really hear anyone that sounded like me, or see anyone that looked like me on big platforms. But as soon as I built up my own confidence I knew that I could use it to my own advantage. Hence why I use the slogan “Gyal From Brum”. It’s just about celebrating where I come from!’

– Kaylee on her biggest fear of breaking into the radio industry.

In the same way Kaylee also talks a lot about body positivity and the LGBTQ+ community because thats part of who she is. ‘It’s been so lovely to also build a fan base of people who also feel represented by me.’


Advice to aspiring LGBTQ+ radio hosts

Lastly, Proudly like to ask all of our influencers if they could give one bit of advice to the future generations of LGTBQ+ people trying to break into the world of media.

This is the advice Kaylee would like to give to our readers who are striving to break into the wild world of radio.

‘I would say just be unapologetically you! The only thing that can hold you back is yourself!! So any insecurities you have, become confident in them, and use it for your advantage instead. And remember you are AMAZING!’ 

– Kaylee’s advice to the future generation of radio presenters

Overview – Get involved

As mentioned previously, will be taking an insight into various LGBTQ+ creators to help inspire the young and upcoming journalists of today. If you have a story you would like to share or think you know someone who would like to share their story. Get in touch and get involved.

A huge thank you to Kaylee Golding for sharing her story and advice for others.

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