Royal Albatross Superyacht Apologises for Saying ‘Trashy Trans’ Not Wanted at a Luxurious LGBTQ+ Event


When you include one you should include all

Something we all love to see is travel and tourism operators catering for the LGBTQ+ community. Although when businesses target to appeal a specific demographic they must make sure to cover all of the demographic.

Sadly, an incident that occurred last week in Singapore shows a perfect example of how not to use a community as a marketing scheme. The luxury yacht operator actually abandoned plans for LGBTQ+ event after an employee at the company stated that they did not want to target the “trashy transexual kind


Who are the Royal Albatross Super-yacht

Royal Albatross Superyacht is a luxury yacht company based in Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore. The sort of clientele they attract are people coming for the full luxurious experience, mainly for big occasions such as corporate charters, weddings and other private events, as well as hosting a popular dinner cruise for members of the public.


How one employee’s views can reflect on a company

Although most recently Royal Albatross Superyacht decided to host an exclusive LGBTQ+ dinner cruise called the #LoveIsLove Sail. Working alongside the local LGBTQ+ dating app, Prout, the yacht company asked the people at Prout if they could help promote this event across their social media pages.

Prout abided and they posted information about the special event to their official Facebook and Instagram pages. Although Prout leaked an exchange they had with a Royal Albatross yacht employee on social media yesterday. Upon sharing they stated they would no longer work with Royal Albatross following insensitive messages about what “type” of people it wanted for the event. 

“Within 10 mins of our social media and telegram post going public, the company contacted us to ask if there were any “transsexuals” following us,”

– Prout posted this on Facebook last week.
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CW: Transphobia (Image 4 & 5) Earlier this week, we were contacted by a company that focuses on providing getaways/luxurious experiences. They wanted to collaborate on a LGBTQ themed event, and we agreed to do so as we saw a number of LGBTQ facebook groups, LGBTQ venues and LGBTQ individuals promoting their LGBTQ themed event. Today, within 10 mins of our social media and telegram post going public, the company contacted us to ask if there were any “transsexuals” following us. After further communication, the company said that they are open only to those who are “classy and willing to spend”, and not targeting the “trashy transsexual kind who only want to create trouble”. Upon hearing this, we immediately took down all the posts related to that event. Firstly, as a LGBTQ community group, we want to emphasize that marginalised communities are not here to be exploited by brands and companies to tap on the pink dollar for. If a company is not truly inclusive and does not contribute to uplifting the community, we have no wish to collaborate with them. Secondly, to call the trans community “trashy” is offensive and degrading. Transgender persons have historically been discriminated, and it is utterly dehumanizing to use the word “trashy” as it reinforces stigma against them. Prout DOES NOT stand for transphobia. Thirdly, the term “transsexual” is dated, and can be offensive to those within the trans community. It is more appropriate to address the community as the transgender community. When in doubt, always ask the preferred term. As a LGBTQ community group, we are committed to standing with our transgender friends. We have conveyed our disapproval to the company, and reiterated that it is unacceptable to chase the pink dollar without any real consideration for the community. We hope that companies that wish to market to the LGBTQ community will do their homework, understand the struggles our community face, and be true allies.

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The backlash

We at Proudly do not condone anybody with these ignorant and discriminatory views towards the transgender community. Without the fantastic transgender community Proudly wouldn’t have been possible. We stand in support of how Prout acted and we hope Royal Albatross Superyacht and their employees have learnt and evolved from this experience.

Sadly Prout was not able to see this apology as Royal Albatross have since blocked Prout.

Screenshot from Prout’s Instagram who is unable to view Royal Albatross’ feed. Photo: Prout

Royal Albatross apologised for what they described as an employee’sbad choice of words” while reiterating the event is only meant for the “gay and lesbian community.”

The Royal Albatross superyacht founder and CEO Peter L Pela stated that they are looking to provide “diversity training” for staff and will hold an event in the future for all.


Why the LGBTQ+ community must stick together

Thankfully the company acknowledged and reacted accordingly to this discriminatory matter. We at Proudly hope even if the event went ahead that people within the LGBTQ+ community chose not to attend and stand with our transgender community members.

Prout has made another statement thanking the Superyacht company for apologising, realising and acting upon their mistakes.

We believe Royal Albatross once had good intentions for inclusivity ahead of the #LoveIsLove event but like we stated at the beginning of this article, when you target a demographic make sure you include all of us.

We at Proudly stand with and support the inspirational transgender community and we will not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour.

Here is to a more inclusive and accepting culture.


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