LGBTQ+ Musicians You Need to Know About

LGBTQ+ musicians you need to know about – Ben Fenner (EP.06)

Introduction to the series

Welcome to a new series on Proudly dedicated to showcasing the amazing array of talented LGBTQ+ artists in the music industry today.

Each article we will be sharing a new singer who has reached out to us who we feel our readers will relate to and will hopefully love their music. 

Music as a whole can be subjective and is the most diverse artistry in the world. So we are going to bring you a variety of different artists from all different backgrounds, music genres and stories. 

Our eighth music guest is a beautiful vocalist gay singer/songwriter residing from Manchester, Ben Fenner.

Ben Fenner’s new song “Rose”

Ben recently released his new single “Rose” on Friday 6th November.

“’Rose’ is about my mum, and for my mum. A few years ago she suffered from a severe illness that almost took her life. This changed the dynamic in our relationship. I found myself supporting her in ways she used to support me. The conflict, the realisations and the even closer bond that came from this is what inspired a song that would become a message of loyalty, love and support for anyone who needs to hear it.”

– Ben Fenner

It has been a long road getting to the release of this single. Ben and his band managed to get into the studio and record the bare bones of the track only a few days before the country went into national lockdown. With only half of the components recorded, they had to get creative to get the song finished. After many zoom calls, sending the track all around the country, through Manchester, London and Liverpool, it was finally completed in October.

When writing this song Ben found himself reflecting on those moments growing up when you see your parents in a different light. Noticing their illnesses and vulnerability, you realise that they aren’t the superheroes you thought they were after all, that they are “only human”.

With almost two decades of singing experience Ben Fenner attacks this next release with security in who he is and what he has to say. Once again, he shows no fear in expressing his emotions and showing his vulnerability through lyrics. 

Singing since the age of six, Ben was inspired by the world of soul, pop, jazz, theatrical and orchestral music. It was at church every week, however, that Ben fell in love with music and discovered the impact that music and words can have in inspiring people. 

After an important break up, Ben turned to writing and started explaining his story, releasing his first song ‘Love Me’ in 2018. This ignited his addiction to writing and love of communicating through song. Still living in the echo of the break up, Ben has moved into the centre of an incredible music community in Manchester and  heading towards his sixth single release with ‘Rose’.

This is a song that I am proud of like no other. It is so special to me personally, to my band and producers, and I cannot wait to get it out there for the world to hear.”

– Ben Fenner



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