To my boyfriend part two – one year anniversary


Here’s to you

With today being our first-year anniversary together I thought it was only appropriate to write a follow-up article to the original one I wrote about you back in March.

Safe to say this has been a year like no other and I can’t express the difference you have made on my life.You have managed to bring back my smile even during the times I did not think it was possible.

Here’s to you Owen Forrest who has made the last 12 months the happiest and most eventful 365 days of my life alongside somebody who I believe is my partner for life.


How everything changed

A lot has changed since my previous article that I wrote about you back in March. This was prior to the national lockdowns, before the cancelations of all our concerts and holidays booked and we never believed we would be living together for the last eight months.

The last article I wrote about you was even before Proudly was created. Hopefully all these comparisons put everything into perspective that despite this being the toughest year of our lives it has been the most enjoyable because I have always had you to keep me company. 

Although we may have been restricted with our travels this year, we still have managed to make the most of everything. We have quarantined at your workhouse in Derby, spent lockdowns exploring the wonderful sights in Cornwall, experienced bar crawls in Birmingham, became capital city tourists in London and went back to Bath for your final year at university. Here are some of the photos we have captured together from our UK travels.

Sadly, it hasn’t all been smiles as for many people during this horrid year as we have had to say our final goodbyes to loved ones. In April my nan passed away following a short battle with cancer and I couldn’t say my goodbyes in person due to the coronavirus outbreak. But you were there for me holding my hand whilst I wrote my open letter to her and I will never forget the endless support you have given me.

I still remain jobless and times have been very tough for everybody seeking employment in the current climate as of late with hospitality sectors becoming bankrupt, jobs having to lay off long-term workers and opportunities seeming slim. 

You have never criticised me for being lazy, you have always been there to pick me up when I am faced with job rejections. Instead you motivated me to make the most of this time off to do what I love most and that is being creative to express my passion for the LGBTQ+ community that we belong to.


Our proud(ly) beginnings

This is how the concept for Proudly began. Not only did you inspire me, you created the logo, set up the website and even wrote a few articles too, safe to say you have half pulled your weight. 

What we have been able to build from scratch was truly unthinkable back in March. We could never have envisioned a platform that so many people resonate with, look out for and potentially help them too. 

Thanks to Proudly I now have a platform to not only document my personal journey, but it has given me the chance to interview Hollywood icons, stunning drag queens, report on important LGBTQ+ news stories and so much more.

As Proudly continues to build, one thing will always stay the same is that you are the foundation of Proudly. Without your motivational support on my down days, your superior amount of knowledge on the technical side of everything and your editing expertise on all of my interviews to put it simply everybody who has ever been associated with Proudly owe you a big thank you. 

Everything we do at Proudly will always be because of you. So, nothing is more fitting than to make this story todays featured article on the Proudly platform. 


I love you Owen

We may not have experienced the year we would have wanted with 2020 being a rollercoaster of emotions for everybody. But one thing that has stayed the same is the final message that I shared to you in my previous article and it is this.

Mentally, physically and financially I am at a better place right now thanks to you, I don’t say this lightly, I do not know where I would be without you. you are my boyfriend, best friend, advisor, accountant and support worker all in one. Here’s to you Owen.

The last twelve months have been both memorable and incredible because of you and I look forward to many more memories, laughs and adventures within our future together. No matter what the future may hold, every day we just hope for a better tomorrow and I know it will be with you by my side.


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