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Drag is my destiny – Divina De Campo (Ep.6)


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Welcome to a series on Proudly.blog where we will be given the chance to speak to the biggest and the best artists that the UK drag scene has to offer. Our drag culture thrives on being unique, uncensored and unexpected. When you go to a drag show in the UK you will never know what you are in for.

As a country, we possess a certain ‘charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent‘ unlike any other making us quintessentially British. We promise you that what you saw on the first series of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK was just a little snippet of what the true drag community of Britain is like. 

Across the country, there are phenomenal trans and non-binary drag queens, DragPunk queens, monster queens, spooky queens, bearded queens and genderf*ck mavericks from all sorts of backgrounds that will challenge your ideologies of what a drag queen should look like.

It is an honour to showcase these phenomenal performers and share their incredible stories here on Proudly.blog. Drag for me is a huge part of the LGBTQ+ community and it is time to give them the platform they deserve. So, sit back, relax and let us show you the stories about the fiercest queens in British herstory.

Our aim is to share these incredible stories from these amazing queens to hopefully inspire the next generation of drag queens. We have already shared the story of Birmingham’s own Yshee BlackJenna Davinci, London’s Coral DeVille, Cardiff duo Dr Bev BallCrusher & Baroness Mary Goulds and Belfast’s Tiffany Lovestick.

Today Proudly are gifted with the beauty from Brighouse, one of the countries most iconic drag queens it is Divina De Campo.


Introducing Divina De Campo

It is official, we have brought the DDC to the P.B (rocking a redhead look and the cutest Mickey Mouse silver onesie).

Divina De Campo has been a household name for all drag lovers across the UK over the last decade but shot into superstardom since being a finalist on last years Ru Pauls’s Drag Race UK season one winning three maxi challenges (week three car boot sale sewing challenge, week five girl group and week seven dress a family member in drag) and never being up for elimination.

With over fifteen years of experience in drag, Divina has a long list of accolades that go much further than one show. Divina was the first drag artist to appear on The Voice, was one of the judges on All Together Now, performed in stage productions such as the Ruby Slippers and Dancing Bear, had sell-out worldwide tours, was voted Manchester’s Cabaret Artist of The Year and was apart of the first drag group to score a top 10 UK chart hit with the Frock Destroyers with Break Up (Bye Bye).


We asked Divina out of all these accomplishments what has been their personal favourite so far?

Music career

Divina’s singing talent does not stop there as she is a versatile queen who is known for her high soprano and 4-octave range and can sing in five languages; English, German, French, Italian and Latin.

This was clearly on show when Divina released a six-song EP titled Decoded in November 2019 with the title track A Drag Race Song.


Although if fans are starved of new Divina De Campo content then you do not have to wait much longer. ‘Red & Silver‘ a 4 song Christmas themed EP will be available to stream everywhere tomorrow (20th November 2020) in which you can Pre-save now.

Red & Silver

Divina’s new EP will be the perfect Christmas treat for drag lovers across the world to help them get into the festive spirit this year as we need it more than ever.

Red & Silver will be a four-song EP and Divina gave Proudly a little teaser about what we can expect from each track.

Red & Silver: “The title track Red & Silver is a classic Christmas track with a twist of mickey-taking in there as well”

Stuff my Stocking: “is a love letter to Santa Claus, you can stuff my stocking and I’ll c** down your chimney”

12 Days of Christmas: “it’s all drag orientated, because why would it not be!”

Sleigh the house down: “It’s my take on a later 90’s early 2000’s house track banger but with a Christmas twist’

Where can we find Red & Silver?

Our readers can pre-save Divina’s latest EP Red & Silver by clicking right here!


How Divina De Campo got into drag

Divina has been dressing up for the majority of their life even way before beginning as a drag queen fifteen years ago.

One special memory Divina recalled was at a bonfire in their back garden where they wore a present that they received from their mother at an early age which was some silver shoes with diamanté bows on the front of them.

Always experimenting with styles whilst growing up Divina would wear dresses, tiara’s, tutu’s and whatever they could get their hands on and begin to dance around flaunting them off.

At eighteen Divina found a community group in Huddersfield who support children and young adults in the LGBTQ+ community. The community group did a fancy dress night at the Square Chapel in Halifax where Divina dressed up as Christina Aguilera from the Lady Marmalade video.


Divina never really thought of the correlation between dressing up as a character and doing drag. This was until after university when Divina started reading up a lot about gender and the ideas surrounding it and how society has created these ideas.

It was Divina’s boyfriend at the time who mentioned on their North Wales trip that Divina should start doing drag at the gay club he ran because Divina ‘can sing, can dance, sometimes they are funny and they are broke as shit’.

Although Divina wants to set something clear to anybody thinking of starting their drag career and that is:

‘You should know that drag queens will never make any money, it is not a thing, because you spend all the money that comes on wigs, dresses and makeup.’

– Divina talking about drag being a business

Article 28 and LGBTQ+ in schools

Sadly at around 13/14 years of age people at school would make offensive homophobic remarks towards Divina. This was during a difficult time for LGBTQ+ people growing up as Section 28 was passed. This was a topic Divina openly talked about during their time at Ru Paul’s Drag Race U.K.

Thankfully the terrible torment suffered at school did not stop Divina who even went on to talk about how LGBTQ+ representation within schools has improved over the years.

Highlighting the No Outsiders programme run by Andrew Moffat MBE, Divina said that they ‘feel like all those kids who are like them still had hope and weren’t going to have the same struggle they had growing up.’

Here is another snippet taken from episode five of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK where the queens speak about LGBTQ+ topics being taught at schools such as No Outsiders.


Divina De Campo’s advice for drag queens applying for Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK

Divina’s last question is tailored a bit differently to the rest of the ‘Drag is my destiny‘ series. As Proudly’s first drag queen to have appeared on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, it’s given us an opportunity to seek advice from somebody who has experienced the competition to advise drag queens who may be reading this who applied for season three of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK.

“Remember it’s not the end of the world, nobody dies. I got sucked into the pressure of the competition and when you are there remember that everybody is a winner, it is going to help whatever unless you are a horrible person.”

“If you are open and honest people really appreciate that so be that and don’t play a game because it never works. be yourself, that is why you were picked for season three so just be that and don’t be something you are not”

– Divina De Campo’s advice to drag queens who have applied to be on season three of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK

Get Involved

As mentioned previously, Proudly.blog will be taking an insight into various drag artists. If you have a story you would like to share or think you know someone who would like to share their story. Get in touch and get involved.

A huge thank you to Divina De Campo for sharing their story and advice to our readers.


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