20 Lessons On 2020

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  1. You do adore Harry Styles, but maybe not in the way you thought you did.
  2. The word lesbian is not a dirty word; reclaiming it is important.
  3. Don’t fear ‘coming out’. It simply means the start of big things.
  4. This community will hold you in ways you didn’t know you needed to be held.
  5. Lockdown haircuts aren’t permanent but they should be avoided where possible.
  6. You don’t need to be out and about physically to be out and about proudly.
  7. Just accept you probably have a dairy intolerance (once the quality streets are finished).
  8.  You will never be a TikTok lesbian.
  9.  Just because you can polish a bottle of wine off every night in zoom quizzes, doesn’t mean you should.
  10.  Cheesy, but those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.
  11.  You don’t always need a label. Take power in these fluid parts of yourself.
  12.  Taking things slowly every once in a while has actually done the world some good this year.
  13.  Being aloof on dates with men doesn’t mean you’re not a romantic; you’re just with the wrong gender.
  14.  Your clothes don’t define your queerness (but hang onto that flannel shirt from Topshop 2013 which you could never replace).
  15.  Don’t chase after that fox when you’re drunk in February; you will destroy that pair of jeans and your knee.
  16.  As sad as it is not being able to hug your friends, you’ll realise that video-chatting actually was the best invention ever.
  17.  Keep writing; you really, really do love it.
  18. It really is ok to listen to Phoebe Bridgers and Angel Olsen for several hours on a loop.
  19. Sometimes it’s nice to have absolutely no plan.
  20. You’ll go into 2021 infinitely happier than when you went into 2020.

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