Birmingham LGBTQ+ village offers vaccine venues

Exciting news broke this year that the NHS is offering the Covid-19 vaccine for free to people and vulnerable groups that are most at risk from coronavirus in NHS settings such as hospitals and GP-run local vaccination centres.

Need for more vaccination centres

With the closure of pubs and restaurants across the country due to the lockdown many hospitality venues are reaching out to the government to offer their spaces as potential vaccination centres.

With worries of elderly people having to travel far to reach their nearest vaccination centre, if more spaces become available then more people can be vaccinated in their local area.

BrewDog beginning a movement

A variety of hospitality businesses were inspired by the BrewDog pub chain‘s decision to offer their vacant buildings to become coronavirus vaccination centres.

Birmingham LGBTQ+ venues offering support

Lawrence Barton the owner of Birmingham’s biggest LGBTQ+ nightclub The Nightingale has reached out to Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson via social media to offer their three-story building to become a vaccination centre too.

Another LGBTQ+ bar in Birmingham named The Loft have also volunteered to allow the government to use their building with over 20K square feet of space for the covid vaccines.

This would be a relief for the people of Birmingham who are awaiting their vaccination appointment. This is due to these city centred clubs being near a lot of residential dwellings that are near transport hubs too.

At the moment of writing this article we are still awaiting confirmation if this will become possible.

Although we have never been prouder to be a Birmingham based blog.

Find out more about the Covid-19 vaccinations

To find out more details about the Covid-19 vaccination process or if you are looking for any support you can visit the NHS website here.

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