LGBT+ History Month: When, why and how you can get involved

LGBT+ History Month is an annual month-long remembrance of LGBTQ+ history which provides education and insight into the issues that the LGBTQ+ community faces

The main aims of the month are to promote equality and diversity throughout society, whilst remembering those who came before us who fought for change. 

This month allows the community to promote an inclusive modern society and teach young people about monumental events that have reshaped history such as the gay rights movement and the Stonewall riots.

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Here is everything you need to know about the origin story behind LGBT+ History Month, why we need it. more than ever and how you can get involved in this years celebrations.


When is LGBT+ History Month?

LGBT+ History Month was initiated in the UK by Sue Sanders and Paul Patrick, then co-chairs of Schools Out UK – The LGBT+ Education Charity who began the UK LGBT+ History Month in 2005.

In the United Kingdom, LGBT+ History Month has become an annual event since its origin in 2005 and takes place in February.

Although that was not the first year LGBT+ History Month was introduced.


The history of LGBT+ History Month

LGBT+ History Month was actually founded in 1995 by a Missouri high school teacher, Mr. Rodney Wilson.

Since the origin, LGBT+ History Month has evolved into a global celebration manually occurring in countries such as the United Kingdom, Hungary, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Greenland, and Berlin. 

To date, the historic month in the UK is coordinated by voluntary organisations and registered charity Schools Out UK, which aim to increase the visibility of the entire LGBTQ+ community.

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The theme of 2021 LGBT+ History Month

This year’s LGBT+ History Month theme is “‘Body, Mind, Spirit


How can you get involved in LGBT+ History Month? 

Sadly because of the pandemic, there are no in-person social events taking place, however, there is an abundance of online events you can join in and get involved this year.

The official website for LGBT+ History month has an amazing calendar of events including an array of art shows, panels, and workshops celebrating our communities history.

We urge all our readers to get involved because of all the craziness going on around the world currently, we really need to be together more than ever and support one another throughout this month. You are not alone.

We as a community must come together, stronger together to become united and unified as one.

Happy LGBT+ History Month x

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