Black Lives Matter – Petitions you still NEED to sign!


As we continue to protest and campaign in support of Black Lives matter worldwide there is still a lot more needed to be done to help make a difference. Despite the ongoing strides in battling against racism there is still incidents not being appropriately reported, murderers not rightly being sentenced and bigoted individuals fulled with hatred still harassing innocent people on the daily.

I wanted to use my platform to help those people who want to educate themselves on the big issues and help contribute to make the difference. This is why I have set up a clear page dedicated to the Black Lives Matter campaign. There is a clear and easy way to access the theme as it is on top of all my pages in the header. Inside the page there will be articles dedicated to ways in which you can contribute to the cause and make a difference.

Articles like this one where we will be exploring different options of how you can help out. Todays post is about important petitions that are set up to fight for justice and Influence positive change in our society and they need your signature.

If you wish to find out other ways to make a difference you can read about ways you can educate yourself on the matter here: Click here. If you wish to donate to relevant causes fighting for justice you can find links here: Click here.

Here are links to important petitions still needing your help:

@_Courttnneeyy Twitter thread about Black Lives Matters petitions needing your signarture (click on the tweet)

A really important petition that I believe NEEDS to be signed and is astounding to even think it isn’t already which is the petition to make the KKK a terrorist organisation, making it illegal. If you were to sign something today I highly suggest it be this one. Join the other 1,000,000 people signing for change and make the white supremacist hate group no more. I will now attach a link where you can sign the petition to abolish the KKK for good: Click here to make the KKK illegal.

I feel by attaching threads from Twitter is a simpler way to format it and access these petitions so I will attach more Twitter threads with links to a variety of different petitions that still need your help!

@Meltedhearts Twitter thread on Black Lives Matters petitions still needing your signature
@Icedguava Twitter thread on Black Lives Matters petitions still needing your signature


By clicking these tweets you will have direct links to so may different petitions needing your help to reach their target. Once they reach the goal they can put forward these ideas to the government and can issue change. Each petition affects an individuals livelihood so please don’t hesitate and decide to ignore because your ignorance can be part of the problem. There is a chance you can help shape a better future for the generations after us. Please make sure when people look back you can say this is what I did to help issue change and not just imagine what could have been. You can be that change, you can be the difference, please make it a positive one. Educate yourself, better yourself, donate and sign to make sure we keep this movement going and don’t admit surrender. This is our time to make a stand and support the people who need it most, make the difference and support Black Lives Matter.

Thank you x

Black Lives Matter: How you can educate yourself


No matter who you are, what your background is, everything you think you already know, you are still far away from seeing the full picture. With many crimes crimes and injustices happening everyday the list is endless throughout history. You can educate yourself about police cases today with a range of petitions currently set up to help people who have been wrongly sentenced for crimes they did not commit.

Films and Documentaries to educate yourself

Although there is a range of amazing books on offer to educate yourself further about the history or the issues regarding race. This is why I wanted to create a blog post dedicated to spreading awareness about what educational resources you can use to learn more. So firstly I will talk about documentaries on the popular streaming service Netflix. I’m aware Netflix has helped others like me during lockdown binging new shows and reliving your favourite ones from the past. Netflix also has wide collection of incredible documentaries and films that covers some of the biggest historic events that have taken place. So I wanted to shine a light on some really interesting Netflix series you can watch to educate yourself with the history of black people and racial discrimination as a whole.

Source: (Instgram)

As the image above shows there is a range of films on Netflix available which I recommend you watching in your free time to educate yourself on the Black Lives Matter movement. Now I will attach a link to a thread created on Twitter (just click the tweet to expand) by @Starkdanys who recommends some amazing Black Lives Matters documentaries to watch.


If you are somebody who enjoys reading through history rather than watching it I will attach a Google document full of books written for Black History Month. With a range of different authors and books to choose from this document covers a variety of important themes in which you can educate yourself further.

Link to the Google drive (click here)


There is so many resources you can use to further educate yourself further on this topic. Black Lives matters have an educate yourself part part of their website where they include a variety of different resources available to improve your knowledge.

Black Lives Matters link (click here)

Lastly I will attach links to more educational resources I have found in which you can read more, learn more and educate yourself.

Educate yourselves

I hope these suggestions will help you learn more about the justice we are fighting for as we continue supporting the incredible work of Black Lives Matters.